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    Joan Forder (better known as Dr.J to her students), is a Millennial in a Baby Boomer body. Having moved from being a street kid to earning a Ph.D. in Neurobiology and a Masters in Adult Education, Dr.J is a scientist, educator, speaker, and author. She's forever curious, imaginative and resilient. Having written many scientific and technical papers, Dr.J is expanding her skills to include fiction writing with her real-life thriller 'Thrivor Series' and multiple online workshops, webinars, and information. Her favorite place to write is along the waterfront in the Beaches area of Toronto, Canada where her zest for life and Bohemian mentality is evident in all she does.

  • Books Written by Joan Forder

    Thrivor Series

    Freedom to Thrive after Experiencing Abuse


    It is a huge accomplishment to be able to call yourself an abuse survivor. However, being a survivor means you are always aware of what it is you have survived.


    To truly thrive in life, you need to acknowledge yourself as a Thrivor. Being a Thrivor means your past abuse no longer controls your present or future behavior or choices. You can truly thrive. You have choice. You can choose to reach towards your full potential.


    The Thrivor Trilogy is a set of real-life fiction novels that follow Patricia Rose through her growth from a Survivor to a Thrivor.

  • Don't (published)

    Book 1 in the Thrivor Series

    In the first book DON’T, it’s the year 2012 and Dr. Patricia Rose dares to call herself a ‘Thrivor’ instead of a ‘Survivor’. After years of therapy and struggle, she finally feels safe enough to explore her troubled past in her highly successful real-life fictional novel depicting a young girl surviving a cult family. She’s on top of the world but is suddenly plunged back into the horrors of her childhood by her siblings as they threaten to sue her for her ‘tell all’ book. They’re led by Eddie, her eldest brother who is as much a psychopath as their father was. All her life, Patricia has been told 'Don't': don't tell, don't try, don't thrive; but now its her turn to say,"Don't"!


    This fast paced thriller twists and turns as secrets are revealed. Patricia must quickly adapt or risk losing the life she’s worked so hard to achieve.


    This book is published with Friesen Press and is available online everywhere.

    Don't Tell: Surviving a Cult Family

    Book 3 in the Trivor Series

    The Third book, Don't Tell: SURVIVING A CULT FAMILY, is the one mentioned throughout the first book in the series. Premised as a book authored by Patricia Rose, we follow her fictional rendition of the abusive first sixteen years of a young girl’s life while she’s living with her parents and siblings during the 1960’s and 70’s. This timely novel plays on recent reports such as the 10 year old boy held captive for two years by his aunt and uncle in London, Ontario, the Ariel Castro kidnapping of three Ohio women for more than a decade, and the Josef Fritzl case, as well as television documentaries such as Brainwashing, Escaping a Cult, Breaking the Faith, and Escaping the Prophet. This real-life fictional novel explores how aspects of modern North American society can, under specific circumstances, lead to brainwashing, family cults, and childhood abuse. Readers will recognize flashbacks used within the first book as well as the ‘quotes’ at the beginning of each chapter.t.


    This book is currently in progress

    Don't Cry

    Book 2 in the Thrivor Series

    The Second book is titled DON'T CRY. Five years after the first book in the series finishes, Patricia Rose is once again thriving but Eddie has escaped from prison and this time, he and his followers vow to make Patricia pay for her defiance. In this real-life fictional mystery, our protagonist is forced to the brink of a psychotic break where she must face her deepest fears regarding trust and betrayal, love and hate. Can she make the ultimate sacrifice and save a society that has turned its back on her?


    This book is currently in progress

    Don't Thrive

    Book 4 in the Thrivor Series

    The Fourth book is titled DON'T THRIVE and is a collection of short stories that comprise a prequel to the first book, DON'T. These stories follow Patricia Rose through her adult life. Readers get to know the backstory behind this amazing protagonist. They get to see her as a single parent and experience with her the tragic loss of her son. They also follow Patricia as she courageously follows her lifelong dream of becoming a scientist who passionately wants to discover a scientific way to help other survivors overcome the effects of their trauma so they can truly thrive instead of survive. Woven throughout the story is the lingering threat of the disfunction and constant threat of family members from her past.


    This book is outlined and ready to begin!

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    Short Story Series

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